About Texas AFA

Welcome to the Air Force Association - Texas website. The state organization acts as the focal point and unifying element for all of the AFA chapters located throughout the great state of Texas. AFA-TX presently has 12 chapters and over 10,000 members and extends fromĀ Abilene on the North to McAllen on the South and Houston on the East to San Angelo on the West.

The Air Force Association is an independent, civilian, nonprofit aerospace organization, and is privately operated and financed. Our mission is to advocate and support the men and women of the United States Air Force, to educate the members and the public at large as to what these men and women do, and to advocate and support the military preparedness of the United States in order to maintain the security of this nation and its allies.

We are proud of the many accomplishments that the chapters and its members have achieved as well as the awards they have received over the last year. Our chapters have sponsored well over 100 classrooms (one quarter of all of the participating schools nationwide) for the USA Today program in our elementary schools. Thousands of dollars have gone toward scholarships for high school and college students. Several of our chapters have worked with units to support family members of troops that have deployed to the Middle East. Our chapters have also been active in the support of our veterans as well as veterans events and parades. Finally, several of our members hold senior leadership positions at the AFA national level.

If you believe in strong airpower and the United States Air Force, we encourage you to join AFA and get active in one of our local chapters and become a supporter of our troops and the sacrifices they have made in the defense of our nation.