From the President:

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What an honor it is to be the State's AFA President!

Although I've been a member of the Air Force Association since I was a Captain the early 70's (recall: being a Club Member and an AFA Member were "essential" for a good performance report). It wasn't until the late 70's that I became active and a true supporter of what AFA stood for. The reason? I was asked to be a Program Chairman for an important meeting about a new Air Force weapon system. This was attended by several hundred people including the State Governor, Senator, and City Mayor. Naturally, I had good mentorship and wide latitude for creativity. The point is that most chapters have members with latent talents that need to be coaxed into action… asked.

We are members because we believe in the mission – sustaining an Air Force that is second-to-none… Educate, Advocate, Support. We are members because we've 'been there'; we appreciate and support what our Airmen are doing to protect our freedoms. We are members because we have a familial comfort level around those who are serving or who have served. From the AFA website: "The Air Force Association exists as an organization so we can all be Airmen for Life. It is the very foundation on which General Jimmy Doolittle built AFA. History records that after World War II, General Doolittle was concerned that those great Airmen who fought in the war would disperse and lose touch. His concept was to "keep the gang together," which is another way of saying he provided a forum for Airmen to serve a cause they believed in and loved for life."

In true Texas style, we can legitimately brag ("it ain't bragging if it's true") about our state's impact on the Air Force Association and our contributions to the overall mission. Texas AFA members currently compose one third of the Air Force Association's Field Council. We've had members on the national executive staff: Ollie Crawford, Tom Kemp, Ed Garland, Bill McBride, Dave Dietsch, and others. It was Alamo Chapter that initiated the enormously successful CyberPatriot program in 2005. The point is that Texas has played a significant role in the Air Force Association with great people and great ideas, and there are those among us who can step up to continue our mission. … just ask.

Mike Winslow President
AFA Texas